If you are highly sensitive you know it. Colors, light and sound are intensified. You feel everything deeply.

Colors have long been associated with creating moods. Have you ever chosen a paint color for a room to achieve a certain mood? Chances are you have, perhaps green for a bedroom to create a peaceful relaxation feeling. Or light golden yellow in a kitchen for a happy bright feeling. Music often has the same effect to change your mood depending on what you are listening to.

The difference is that people that are highly sensitive will feel the mood immediately. They have an inner connection to color and sound that can easily affect them. Having a low tolerance to loud noise, crowded places and bright lights, even a regular day’s activities can quickly drain the energy of a person with HS and they need a quiet place to clear their energy field.

I created Crystal Garden with this basic concept in mind. With a long career in Restorative Nursing I know how important a peaceful environment is for healing. Going to a spa or taking a walk in nature is a great way to relax but not always possible. Crystal Garden Sensitivity Spa is always available whenever you need it.   Thanks for visiting.

Rita Jane

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